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Jay Cunning presents HARDCORE JUNGLIST podcast

We Are Hardcore is a weekly podcast with Jay Cunning taken live from his radio show. Each week covers the golden Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle era from 1991 to 1996 with legendary guest like Ellis Dee, Slipmatt, DJ Rap and Acen. Add to this, the tribute shows for the likes of Fantazia, World Dance, Moving Shadow and many more, We Are Hardcore is essential listening for any Old Skool Hardcore and Junglist head. 

All shows and more:

Dec 27, 2018

Recorded in January 2002, this was an upfront mix of Breaks tunes I was feeling and aired on various radio shows around the world:

  • Tayo's KISS 100FM show. London
  • Canal Sur (Spain)
  • KinkFM. Amsterdam
  • FNX Radio. USA
  • Beats and Fish Radio. Belgium
  • Toronto Breaks, Canada


1 Tayo meets Precision Cuts "Fire Good" [MOB]
2 BLIM & Rennie Pilgrem "Monkfish" [Track]
3 2Sinners "Mr Jingles" [TCR]
4 Fatboy Slim "Retox" (FreQ Nasty remix) [Skint]
5 Ed209 "Bish Bash" [Wireframe]
6 Sheethanger "Electraglide" (Switchshift remix) [Freakaboom]
7 Deep Impact "Tek9" [Plastic Raygun]
8 Plump DJs "Big Groovy Fucker" [Finger Lickin']
9 Phantasy & Gemini "Ruff Beats" (Breakbeat mix) [Easy]
10 Tipper "Furlong" [Fuel]
11 Raster "Hardwired" [Chi-Recordings]
12 Blame "Music Takes You" (BLIM remix) [Moving Shadow]
13 T-Power ft. Blade "Dangerous" (Aquasky & Masterblaster remix) [Botchit]
14 Ellis Dee "Devotion" [Point Breaks]
15 Hyper on Experience "Lord of the Null Lines" (Aquasky remix) [Moving Shadow]
16 Way Out West "The Gift" [Deconstruction]