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Jay Cunning presents HARDCORE JUNGLIST podcast

We Are Hardcore is a weekly podcast with Jay Cunning taken live from his radio show. Each week covers the golden Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle era from 1991 to 1996 with legendary guest like Ellis Dee, Slipmatt, DJ Rap and Acen. Add to this, the tribute shows for the likes of Fantazia, World Dance, Moving Shadow and many more, We Are Hardcore is essential listening for any Old Skool Hardcore and Junglist head. 

All shows and more:

Oct 27, 2018

Recorded live on 2 turntables back in 2001, this was a very special mix for me that started a defining moment in my DJ career. Not only did it win Muzik Magazines 'Bedroom Bedlam' competition that started getting me booked internationally but also iDJ magazine's 'Top Tape of the Month' competition! It also scooped up an award from and!  

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1 Moloko "Sing It Back" (House Of Lords mix) [F-111]
2 JKL "Aloha Satellite Special" (Soul of Man remix) [Aloha Stereo]
3 PMT "Gyromancer" [Acetate]
4 Elite Force "Here Come The Flow" [Fused & Brused]
5 Dee Patten "Who's The Bad Man" (Sound System remix) [Hardhands]
6 Koma & Bones vs Databass "Round 1: Fade In" [Freakaboom]
7 Phantom Beats "The Drop" [Plastic Raygun]
8 "Naughty" [Naughty]
9 Phantom Beats "Charged" [Plastic Raygun]
10 Scott Hardkiss "God Within (Raincry)" (Koma & Bones remix) [Dorigen]
11 Lexi Love "Fire & Ice EP" (remix) [Second Skin]
12 Phantom Beats "Stealth" [Functional Breaks]
13 La Liga "Black Russian" (Koma & Bones remix) [Carbon]
14 2 Sinners "Shatter"  [TCR]
15 Doc Scott "NHS (Disco Remix)" [Absolute]