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Jay Cunning Old Skool Hardcore Jungle Podcast

Jay presents a weekly podcast covering Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle from 1991 to 1996, Classic House, UK Garage, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass. 

This podcast is recorded live from his weekly show on every Friday from 5-7pm UK time.

Jay is also a tutor / co-owner of On The Rise DJ Academy with Terry from Atomic Hooligan. 

Mar 12, 2019

I've been a fan of The Prodigy since first hearing 'Your Love', and seeing them live at the Astoria back in '91/92. I've still got a vivid memory of Keith & Leeroy on stage dancing around like nutters while I was up on the balcony with 'Out of Space' blasting through the speakers. I clearly remember looking around and seeing everyone going fucking crazy, tabling on tables and singing along with all their hearts.

The first time I met Keith was at a Breakbeat night at The End in the mid-noughties. It was a quietish night and Terry and I were at the bar in the second room when Keith came in. We started drunkenly plotting a plan to get Keith drunk and kidnap him and put him in my step-sons bed for my partner to find in the morning! Of course it was all shits and giggles, but that didn't stop us getting into a shot drinking competition with Keith and having a great laugh. 2 Hours later Keith announces "see you later chaps" and bowled up the stairs like he'd just had a glass of water, I was carried up the very same stairs by Terry. Good Times.

28 Years later and I still got nothing but love and respect for the Prodigy boys and send all my heartfelt thoughts and condolences to them, the family and all that knew him.

RIP Original Firestarter, this shows for you.