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Jay Cunning Old Skool Hardcore Jungle Podcast

Jay presents a weekly podcast covering Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle from 1991 to 1996, Classic House, UK Garage, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass. 

This podcast is recorded live from his weekly show on every Friday from 5-7pm UK time.

Jay is also a tutor / co-owner of On The Rise DJ Academy with Terry from Atomic Hooligan. 

Feb 19, 2018

This week Jay rolls out the 1994 Jungle classics from the likes of Moving Shadow, Suburban Base, Legend, Proper Talent, DJ Rap, Dillinja, Coolhand Flex, DJ Hype, Foul Play, Omni Trio, Tom & Jerry, Back 2 Basics, Formation and many more. 

Catch the Kool London show with Jay Cunning via On The Rise DJ Academy facebook page every Friday afternoon. 

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